What Is Teeth Whitening?

The teeth whitening is the processing of removing the temporary colorings in the teeth structure (on the enamel and dentine surfaces). As we have different colors of hair and skin, we may have different colors of teeth. While some teeth are more yellow, some teeth are get yellow as the years pass by. The natural teeth color may be affected many factors. The nutrition habits are the most effective of them.

When And How Is The Teeth Whitening Done?

Every person with basic oral care (not having decayed tooth and gum disorder) and having permanent teeth and healthy mouth can benefit from the teeth whitening. There are two most known and applied methods of teeth whitening : Office Bleaching, Home Bleaching

1- Office Bleaching

This teeth whitening method is applied by a dentist for a one session processing up to 40-50 minutes in general in the office. A light to speed up the whitening is applied on the whitening material put on the teeth.

2- Home Bleaching

This teeth whitening method is based on the application of the whitening material placed in the in-mouth device shaped according to the mouth of the person. The application duration ranks from 2 to 6 weeks. The person could carry out the whitening process at home as per the usage processes defined by the dentist.

The most reliable method to remove the anxiety of the patients in whitening should be preferred.

The whitening methods are carried out with maximum hygienic conditions to the patients with utmost consciousness and care in Esnan Oral Health and Dental Care Centers.