Crown dentures:

They are the dentures helping to restore the parts of the teeth seen in the mouth and made of various materials. In general they are preferred when there is so much material loss that the teeth cannot be filled or there are different aesthetic expectations.

Bridges dentures:

They are the dentures forwarding the chewing pressures on the natural teeth through the body and footing by the periodontium (tissues surrounding the tooth) and alveolous bone (the bone surrounding the tooth in case of availability of the tooth) into the jawbone. It is applied in the cases where the hole without tooth is not long and the teeth on both side od the hole are healthy.

Zirconium infrastructures:

With the use of the material called zirconium, it is now possible to make the non-metal dental colored restorations in every incident where the classical metal based bridge dentures could be applied.

Laminated Veneers:

They are the one sided partial crown dentures made of aesthetic material so as to restore the outer sides of the teeth seen only from the out of the mouth. It is the most conservative one between the restorations to be carried out with aesthetical purposes. An abrasion of 0.5 mm on the tooth will be mostly enough. Hence, outstanding aesthetics will be provided and the natural structure of the other surfaces of the tooth and the relation of the tooth and gingiva will be provided with the minimum material loss to be formed on the frontal side of the tooth.