General Anesthesia and Operating Room

In the dentistry, the patients with the fear of dentist chair are difficult to work with because of the fear of dental treatment. The control of the fear and anxiety could be done with the psychological and pharmacological (medicines) ways. It is important to communicate well for a successful dental treatment. However, it gets hard to make the dental treatments in the cases where the psychological approaches and fundamental behavior management techniques are insufficient. In such cases, it is possible to make the dental treatments with the sedation and general anesthesia methods in the oral and dental health centers with the adequate infrastructure and equipment.

Sedation is the proceeding of decreasing the environmental relation and consciousness as a result of the fact that the central neural system of the patient is repressed by using the different agents and methods. The goal of sedation is to minimize the psychological and physiological reactions based on the stress without removing the consciousness and protective reflexes.

What is General Anesthesia?

In the treatments with general anesthesia, the patient does not remember the proceedings and does not have any pain and trauma fear. After the general anesthesia and sedation applications in Esnan oral and dental health centers, our patients are hosted under the supervision of general anesthesia specialist, treating dentist and nurse in the arousing units until they are conscious again.

Our patients having general anesthesia and sedation often;

  • Children below age 4. (These children are difficult to convince them to have dental treatments)
  • Children or adults with the growth retardation
  • Adult patients with advanced fear.
  • Surgical attempts necessitating general anesthesia (bone graft, bone cyst etc.)
  • The patients wanting that many surgical proceedings not possible to male in one session with local anesthesia will be made in a short time (2-3 hours) under general anesthesia.
  • Dental treatments of the children with mental disabilities.