Orthodontics is a dentistry branch regarding the normal structure and development of the teeth and chin, the disorders and the treatment of these disorders. As dentists, we aim you to have a nice and healthy smile. Orthodontic treatment will give you a great and healthy smile. Also, it aims you to have more functional teeth and chin joints and to fix the relations of teeth.

Scope of Orthodontics

By applying orthodontic treatment on baby term, the problems resulting from bad habits such as thumb or lip sucking could be hampered. Hence, a permanent disorder on the skeleton could be hampered before it occurs. The mixed dentition age is also under the scope of orthodontics. There are baby teeth and permanent teeth in the mouth. In case the baby teeth are lost at an early age and it could not guide the next teeth, there may be insufficiency of space. Orthodontics is regarding the removal of this insufficiency of space. The chin developments go on in this period at the same time. The inconcordance between the mandibular and maxilla as a result of the concordance of the development of mandibular and maxilla is included in the scope of orthodontics.

Orthodontics is interested in fixing the orthodontic disorders in the period of permanent teeth. The treatment of the disorders based on the gingiva diseases and the treatments of the disorders based on the missing tooth by birth or the tooth lost afterwards are in the scope of the orthodontics.

When It Is Necessary To Go To The Orthodontist?

While it is necessary to fix the jawbones at an early age, there is time for only the treatment in the cases where the teeth have disorders. The adults can go to orthodontists at any age. Going to the orthodontist at an early age does not mean an immediate treatment. If the child is under the control of orthodontist, the potential problem will be kept under control. Hence, it is intervened at the most appropriate time.

Is There Any Age Limit For Orthodontic Treatment?

The age is not a problem in fixing the disorders containing only the teeth. If the teeth and gingiva are healthy, the orthodontic treatment is applicable to every age. However, with the increasing age, the time of orthodontic treatment increases. The disorder of the patient’s bone structure should be fixed by the adolescence if there is a disorder because after the development of jawbone, it is not possible to intervene in the the bone treatment. Hence, the jawbone related disorders can be fixed in the later ages only with the surgical operations.

How Is The Orthodontic Treatment Applied?

The orthodontic treatments are separated into two groups as stable and mobile in terms of performance type..

How Long Does an Orthodontic Treatment Take?

The duration of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors. Howevet the most important factor affecting the duration is the level of the orthodontic problem. Compared to the other treatments carried out in the dentistry, the orthodontic treatment consists a long process. Hence, you should take into consideration of the recommendations of your orthodontists and follow up the appointments.

What Are The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment?

If there is a perplexity on your teeth, cleaning will be harder. Hence, this increases the tooth decay and gingiva disease. Orthodontic treatment removes this kind of risk. Lower and upper teeth are locked during occlusion. However, if there is a perplexity, some teeth get in more contact with the others and are subject to more force. Based on this force, there may be problems on teeth and jawbone joint. The orthodontic treatment aims to hamper these.

What Are The Difficulties Of The Orthodontic Treatment?

During the orthodontic treatment, you can do anything that you have been doing. Since the gums, acidic drinks and hard foods may damage the orthodontic equipment, there are some limits about the foods. Also the appointments should be continued since the orthodontic treatment consists of a long term.

Is It Possible To Make Orthodontic Equipment Less Visible From Outside?

As a result of the improvements in dentistry technology, the tooth colored porcelain bracets, less visible from outside, are used. Also, they may be provided to be invisible at all by placind the bracets on the side of the dalate and tongue.