Pedodontics, a Latin word, means “child teeth”. The Department of Pedodontics in Dentistry is concerned with the preservation and treatment of milk and permanent teeth, starting from birth until the ages of 12-13, when the whole milk teeth are changed.

Who is a pedodontist?

Dentists who continue their education in the Department of Pedodontics after the completion of the Faculty of Dentistry are called “pedodontists..

What do pedodontists do?

  • They ensure that dental phobia does not occur in children, making dental treatment a pleasant game for children.
  • Determines the child's caries risk group and organizes personal protective programs.
  • Adult patients with severe fear.
  • Regulates the nutritional habits of the child.
  • They control the regular progression of the child's jaw and tooth development.
  • Makes preventive orthodontic treatments.
  • They treat children who require special attention.