Pedodontic Treatments

Pedodontics, a term of Latin origin, means “child teeth.” In the field of dentistry, pedodontics is the branch that deals with the preservation and treatment of both baby and permanent teeth from birth until around the age of 12-13, when all the baby teeth have been replaced.

Who is a Pedodontist?

After completing their dental school education, dentists who continue their training in the Department of Pedodontics are called “pedodontists.”

What do pedodontists do?

  • They ensure that children do not develop dental fear (dental phobia) and make dental treatment a pleasant and enjoyable experience for them.
  • They determine the child’s risk group for cavities and establish personalized preventive programs.
  • They treat adult patients with severe dental fear.
  • They regulate the child’s dietary habits.
  • They monitor the regular progress of the child’s jaw and dental development.
  • They perform preventive orthodontic treatments.
  • They provide dental treatments for children requiring special attention.